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25 January 2010


Roger Pearse

You wrote: ""The Reverend Sizer's writings appeared on a Holocaust denier and anti Semitic website, AAAGH"

This said to me, and I imagine to most people, that he was writing for that site.

When I look at the link, I don't find anything justifying that. All the site has done is to use some of his material, probably without even his knowledge.

I'm beginning to get a bad feeling about all this. The police say that Sizer called them because of harassment. When I look at comments like this one above, I can see his point.


Comments like what, Roger? Negative remarks on a blog? Remarks which refer to Sizer's own writings and attested associations?

The ones who brought this into the real world were Stephen Sizer and Anthony McRoy, and it's been publicized only after the former threatened to report another blogger 20,000 miles away and falsely claimed Seismic had been cautioned.


I'm suprised that Sizer has not as yet claimed his piece has been used by AAAGH, without his authority/knowlege. Most bloggers are aware that their stuff can be used on other sites, sometimes out of context. Often this goes unnoticed, but in this case the piece was pointed out to the author. Had that happened to me,I would have e-mailed the site involved and asked them to remove the offending piece. Had they not done so, my next step would have been to complain to their web host. If those actions had failed I would have been in a position to explain what had happened to any interested enquirer. No way would I complain to the police let alone then go on to lie that one of my correspondants had been 'cautioned' by the police when I knew, or ought to have known, the truth.

Carl Lundquist/LA

Jeez Tony, how is it that the police get involved with a clearly civil matter?

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