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03 January 2010


Peter Harvey

The Mediterranean countries are used to being slighted by northerners, who like to refer to the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece & Spain). A further point is that Greece and Ireland are so small that their overall effect is insignificant. A financial crisis in Rutland isn't presented as a threat to the existence of sterling.

It is generally held here that the euro saved Spain in the financial crisis. The peseta could never have held its own and would have gone straight down the pan, so thank heaven that we had the strength of the euro behind us!

The euro is now strong. Sterling has lost 30% of its euro value in two years and there is talk of it going down below parity -- and lo and behold, the British media start rubbishing the euro. What a surprise!

Peter Harvey

PS Your picture is nice but ... the original idea was to have the euro symbol as a glyph (unchangeable design) with the shape and proportions shown. However, the graphic designers got to work and there are now variations for all fonts.


many of the ex-pats are morphing into pats.the €/£ rate is turning their paradise into hell!
they forgot currencies can go down as well as up.

Peter Harvey

Sure. I know some people here who are having problems with falling income. Currencies certainly can fall but the recent collapse of sterling has been greater than many people could have expected, especially after the nationalist hoo-ha in Britain about how the euro was doomed from the outset.

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