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21 November 2009


Peter Harvey

It's got a long way to go yet to catch up with Der Stürmer. But never fear. It'll get there in the end.


surely there's not a paper in europe as bad as this one? I've watched fox news-another dirty digger product- in the states, and it full of this stuff.

Peter Harvey

There isn't for the simple reason that Murdoch doesn't own any European papers. Germany has a sensationalist paper called Bild, but it it is sensational in its presentation, not in manipulating news content. You can read Bild and have a fair idea of what's going on in the world.

But even there, a Bild clone was started in Spain about 20 years ago. It got nowhere and only lasted a couple of months.

BY the way, Aznar is on the board of News International.

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