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16 October 2009


Account Deleted

You may be aware that a firm has recently been advertising for Glaswegian intepreters.

Whereas we sassenachs may find the Glaswegian dialect merely quaint, foreign visitors can find it quite incomprehensible. Even in London I sometimes think that cab drivers should come with subtitles.

Peter Harvey

At one time buses in Liverpool had signs to encourage shoppers to avoid the rush hour. The poster showed a harassed conductor with the slogan was 'Treat us fairly. Travel early.'

The point is that Scouse pronunciation is variable, and both the 'fairly' and 'early' vowel sounds are used uniquely according to local style(and I think religion), so it rhymed either way!

'Treat us fairly. Travel airly.'
'Treat us fearly. Travel early.'


This letter in the telegraph makes the same point
It's about 1/3 the way down. correspondent
Kevin Heneghan, St Helens, Merseyside.

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