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28 November 2008



I was wondering if the point here was not that Mr Green had woken up one morning to find that the elves had during the night left him some Government papers, but rather that he had been arranging, conniving or otherwise conspiring with the civil servant concerned to get such papers contrary to that civil servant's lawful duty. The police are presumably looking for e-mails and cheque stubs, but Honi soit.....

I suspect that plod are seeking evidence to assist the prosecution of the principle offender rather than dragging Green before the court!

Owen Barder

Mr Green's public defence - that he was "just doing his job" - seems to me to be worth some further reflection too.

David Boycott

"What makes me a little uneasy about the disclosure in the present case is that the civil servant leaked to the opposition rather than to the media. It looks just too partisan."

Do you deem Gordon Brown's receipt of legions of leaked documents in the 80s and 90s similarly "partisan"? It prompted no arrests, let alone arrests of opposition MPs.


I really can't remember those disclosures. But here we now know that the civil servant was a former Tony council candidate.
If you can dig out the Broon disclosures and I'll have a look. I suspect the media are digging them out now.

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