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10 July 2008



Yes, but HRH was in training and he had to make up the hours by law to qualify, and as a general navigation flight he could fly the thing just about anywhere for the following reasons

1. Exercise in submitting flight plans

2 general navigation in flight training based on that flight plan.

3 Demonstration of take off and landings and the start of, during, and at the end of the flight

4. cockpit management

5 Radio procedures speaking to ATC etc

So you see, he had to do the hours anyway, and if his lady friend lives in the a area, then why not? HE also gets landing practice as part of the nav exersise

As for "circling round the house at 300ft", well, yes, from personal experience I can tell you it is standard practice for a pilot to "orbit" the area in which he wishes to land. Standard practice and part of the flight training syllabus.

So his girlfriend lives in the area where it is quite legal to fly and land a helicopter and he has to make up the aerial experience according to the syllabus

Can't see a problem.


Oh A little P.S. here

William is training to go overseas into hostile areas, into battle, in fact, like Andrew did in the Falklands.

That's a bloody sight more than his critics are doing

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