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20 February 2008


Dan | thesamovar

Well I commend your taste - San Pellegrino is by far the best mineral water out there.

The argument that you shouldn't have mineral water because of water shortages seems pretty stupid. It's like a modern form of the "eat your dinner there are starving children in Africa who'd be happy to get that". No, the real argument against bottled water is the carbon cost of producing it is so much higher than the carbon cost of the same amount of tap water.

Even then though, individual efforts in reducing the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere pale into insignificance compared to what governments could achieve with legislation. Global warming can't be dealt with by individual action.

Peter Harvey

The tap water in Barcelona is drinkable but horrible so I, like many people, drink bottled water all the time. At 25 cents per 1½-litre bottle it's reasonable, and Vichy Catalan (somewhat similar to San Pellegrino) is excellent for special occasions -- and is widely recommended by doctors. Because of predictable water shortages in the future, desalination plants are being built on the Spanish coast. These should provide perfectly good tap water.

Whenever I hear anyone in Britain go on about morality, I know that they are trying to clobber me into accepting their own self-interested point of view, usually with a hefty dose of smugness. Moral philosophy is a very complicated matter that is best left to the experts. Normal people should be brought up properly and then hope for the best -- and there is no reason why politicians should behave any more (or less) morally that other mortals.

I quite agree that global warming is too big and too complicated for individual action, but it's a wonderful opportunity for smug people to express their self-proclaimed moral superiority!

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