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29 February 2008


Edward Stroudley

A senior policeman find the time to read Sentencing Advisory Panel's consultation paper on breaches of ASBOs ?

Far too busy ordering up CCTV's , preparing core strategies, meeting targets , attending ACPO meetingsd and ...er.. appearing on TV / Radio meeting the Press.

Admire your earlier post about offenders and jail entences. Warehouses for criminals ...have you seen the Pew report (pub yesterday) 1 in 100 adults is in prison ? Frightening.


Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I did read the Pew Report...The costs of the "great incarceration" must be breaking many a state's bank.
Our govenment seems to have an insatiable appetite to build jails. And as many of our penal policies are imported from the US,it's no wonder our jails are bursting.

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