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11 January 2008


Clarence of Arabia

Clarrie has set up his own blog!!!



have you seen this!!!




I think that the McCanns financial circumstances prior to Madeleine going missing should be investigated. It is my belief that this 'abduction' has been nothing more than a huge hoax to scam money out of the public. There is no evidence of an abduction taking place. The McCanns know where Madeleine is.


Ive been thinking. Is it true that the McCanns tried to give custody of Maddie to a relative before they went on holiday? Were they short of dosh? Did they do a Sharon Matthews? Has it all been a scam for dosh? Is this why they show no emotion? Is this why they set up the Fund and are always going on about raising dosh? Why are Kate and Gerry now on the board of the Fund? What has the Fund spent nealry 2 million on? Do they know where Maddie is? Have we all been fooled? Yes I think the answer is YES - we've been had!

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