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28 November 2007


Edward Teague

It is evident that the arrangements by DA preceded Watt, and happened under Gen. Secs. Matt Carter and the Trot Triesman (now ennobled) - we wait with interest to see if they were inward on DA's circumlocutionary donations. My guess is that they were.

What is un bloody believable is that Jon Mendelsohn - who is no intellectual slouch - did not identify the problem when he first saw it - well at least he says he didn't.

Even odder is the fact that this concealment was not identified by the many many folks who examine the Qtly reports a goodeal closer than chicken entrails were at Delphi.

The other fascinating (and as yet unanswered) question is where exactly did DA find £600,000 - Money laundering matters loom large if he cannot give a satisfactory explanation - after all one conduit was to so far unseen solicitor McCarthy upon whom the Serious crime acts etc., weighs very heavily.

DA would be unwise to go for long solitary countryside walks and to clear out his medecine cabinet in case he is given to taking an overdose of a prescribed or OTC medecine.

Tony Hatfield


Your money laundering point is well made. Our firm used to be oh, oh so careful when a client, even a long standing one , tipped up large amounts of money to pay for, say, a conveyancing transaction.
As I pointed out in my previous post, this sort of illegal behaviour in political funding would be stopped dead in its tracks if the Money Laundering Regs applied to political donations.
I do hope for Mr McCarthy's professional career he's followed the Law Society's recommendations to the letter.
The more I think about this from a prosecutor's view( difficult I admit) the more I would lean towards conspiracy charges rather than charging only offences under the 2000 Act. After all, there may be three former Labour Party Chairmen, the donor and those who the media kindly describe as "proxies", involved. And each individual donation , the true source of which has been hidden from the Electoral Commission,comprises a separate offence under the Act.Conspiracy seems to properly represent what may have been going on.
It may also be helpful in prising one of the "minor players" away hoping one or more would give evidence for the prosecution.

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