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03 October 2007



Those /are/ lovely. A really old fellow (he told me he was 88) proudly demonstrated his Lumix on the bus yesterday. I was impressed with his results: he takes the card into a shop and gets prints done. marvellous quality. You'll have fun!

John Snelson


I am looking at the TZ3 too.

I have received some other comments though here from on my Red Ink blog from Kimbofo, that sort of make me wary.

Do you have a view on this ?

Tony Hatfield

Red Ink,

Any point and shoot camera is a compromise. If you want a no drawback model then you'll have to lug around a digital SLR with a couple of lenses. For me, the plus points of the TZ3 are
the 10x zoom,
the wide angle,
colour reproduction
wide screen facility
And comparing the price ( I bought mine in the US $300) it's difficult to find a real competitor.

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