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19 September 2007



Didn't they say the fund wouldn't be used to pay their legal bills? maybe Clarence is on that bit of the payroll. If so, Branson might be stumping up. I read a couple of days worth of old red-tops in a cafe the other day. Quite a shock seeing just the extent they all appear to have turned ugly on the rosy cheeked couple.

Also something occurred to me the other day ref the Langham case. If he has been looking at lots of very nasty sadistic films of children being attacked, why aren't we looking for these children, especially since there is likely to be good ID photos of them, to say the least. Am I beng naive in wondering why these two aspects: missing kiddies and paedo porn, aren't being matched up? Or are they?


My guess is that it is smoke and mirrors and that he will very shortly probably return to his old job.


My guess is that it is smoke and mirrors and that he will very shortly probably return to his old job.

Peter Harvey

Today's El Periódico (Barcelona) is quite clear (http://tinyurl.com/34etsg):
The McCanns have a direct line to the British Prime Minister.

That PM is the Gordon Brown who made a fool of himself a few years ago about the failure of a girl to get into Oxford. She had a direct line to GB through her head teacher.


I thought the Clarence Mitchell chappie was the one on the far right!

Karen Williams

I went to journo school with the Clarence chappie. He's definitely on the right. He was a real Smart Alec back then. He looks old (as in saggy and grey) now but then he's probably making a whole lot more dough than me. PS I work in healthcare now...newspapers suck!!!

Tony Hatfield

Thank you Karen and Jane. As you can see i've corrected the mistake.


I second all of it, yes!


Tony Hatfield is so deranged he think that somebody being a liberal democrat is somehow some terrible thing. The guy is absolutely deranged and sad.

Peter Harvey

I will say that I don’t quite see the relevance of Justine McGuinness’s political affiliation to this message. But in the ten years that I have known Tony Hatfield, personally as well as electronically, I have never known him suggest that my political views are ‘some terrible thing’, even when we have disagreed; nor is ‘deranged and sad’ a description of the perfectly sane and cheerful person that I know. Nameless Jake is entitled to hold his opinion about Tony’s character. It might be more valuable though, if there were any evidence that he knows Tony other than from this single post.

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