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07 September 2007



I am not surprised - I have been expecting this from very early in this investigation. In my opinion all this huge media circus whipped up by the McCann's has had two purposes
1. To make it as difficult as possible media-wise for them to be tried and convicted
2. To raise money for their defence in the event that (1) failed. Note that the £1.5m they have raised does not have charitable status, and is almost certainly available for this purpose.
There are two relevant pieces of evidence of which most people are not aware.
a) A neighbour reports Maddy crying for 75mins unattended in the apartment (below her) the night before her disappearance.
b) The whole parent group had been going out childrenless almost every night previous to her disappearance, and most nights much further away, down in the town.
My guess is these doctors were drugging their children, confident they knew a "safe" dosage, but that perhaps Maddy had eaten something that upset her stomach. She vomitted, and choked on her vomit because she was drugged. They knew that after an autopsy they would face manslaughter charges, and their friends child neglect charges, so disposed of the body, perhaps days later. Note the new information about her body having been in their hire car after her disappearance.

Peter Harvey

Anonymous's comment is very interesting. Might we see a whole parade of British doctors extradited to Portugal to face charges of child neglect? Or conspiracy to pervert the course of justice?

I doubt whether the media fuss will cut any ice at all with the Portuguese legal system or public opinion. But what about in Britain? If she's charged and found guilty, will the media line be that the wicked Dagos are victimising a true Brit; or will they think that they have been conned? And if wasting police time is bad, it'll be nothing to wasting press time. Let's hope the body is found, or in ten years' time the tabloids will 'discover' Madeleine alive. Remember Anastasia.

I can't comment on the legal status of the fund but speaking personally, if I had contributed I would not be happy about it being used for legal defence. And if she were to be fund guilty, I would claim that my money had been solicited under false pretences and that it should be returned. Therefore, I would want the fund blocked until a verdict was reached.

And it's good to see your backing for the Portuguese police. Certainly in a similar case here I would trust the Guardia Civil and the Spanish legal system absolutely to do as good a job as anyone could expect.


You may be right, Tony, and so indeed may be Anonymous, but I prefer to wait. I am prepared to rely on the Portuguese police and judicial system. As for the fund perhaps I should ascribe it to understandable pressure to do everything possible for the girl, though I certainly was never tempted to subscribe. Perhaps at heart I always shared your suspicions, but just don't think they should be publicised here or in the Press.

Tony Hatfield

And apart from suggesting that she will be charged, a speculation already made by her lawyer, my main criticism is of the main stream media in the UK. They have been completely in the thrall of the McCanns. As Peter H pointed out early on had the mother been a single mum from- fill in your own place- I doubt whether the same generosity would have been offered.

Martins (Portugal)

YWe are assuming that Police declare KM a suspect (arguido) but, Portuguese law works also in opposite:
Police can declare some one Suspect (arguido) or anyone can declare himself suspect (arguido)
Knowing the Portuguese police I would say there is a 99,9% chance of KM being advice by her lawyer to ask for her the suspect (arguido) status.
PJ would never ask that for her, knowing with that status she would be free to not respond to some questions.
She is not accused (just a judge can do it)
If, just if, it was KM who "killed" MM. Than, one question is important: Could she did all the "procedures" alone?
Who helped her?
Does GM know everything? Or he believe that KM did nothing and she is innocent? (that justifies a realistic campaign in the media, in the government, Vatican, etc) because he is convenced that nothing appened.
IF, just if, just one of them is really responsible and the other does not know nothing about the death and strongly believe that MM "just" disappear? Imagine... Just if!


Please could all sign the new petition re: The McCanns and Social Serivces - which can be moderated to remove all abusive comments. thanks

El-Rey lusitano

Hi i'm from Portugal and would like to say your media, mainly press and sky news have been disgusting with us. Biased to say the least, I just left a post on an older news called "So what's Clarence Mitchell doing here?", please check that. mitchell is the architect of this. The mcscams started the car, but it has been mitchell with his contacts that created this beats called find madeline. This is such a hoax, and your media look so bad in the middle of this that they have chosen to vilify Portugal rather than stop and rethink the situation. The police over here thinks that kate slapped madeline in the face while disciplining her for some reason but it just went very wrong. They also have serious doubts about her mental condition. They don't see it as a murder, but as an accident and that's why she wasn't given preventive prison in the first place. Sshe and gerry refused to answer most of the questions that the agents posed. As arguidos they can do that. But it's sick seeing justine mcguiness parading, and gerry and kate too, claming that they were happy to cooperate with the police. By refusing the most delicate questions??? The only thing she really added was that the scent foung by the dogs on her clothes bible and mdeline's toy was because she was in contact with deceased people while she worked as a doctor in England... wtf do your doctors dress casual parade a bible and massage furry bunnys on corpses wtf???


It's a little bizarre that the UK press hasn't mentioned in the last 24 hours that the McCanns visit to Huelva after hiring the Renault is currently being investigated.
There was no meeting with police nor press, it was a local fiesta nothing was open. So were they on a jolly or was this an official visit to find Madeleine?

Charlotte Wilmot

PS. There was not any mention in the press when I wrote the above comment. It appears that Clarence is a bit slow to respond. 24 hours it was in the Spanish Press before any response

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