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08 July 2007



Thanks, Tony. I knew nothing of this. What I noticed was the journalistic presentation of the vague notion of a link, in the absence of more convincing causal information, as a very active possibility. It is so difficult for us ignorant folk to evaluate "scientific" opinions.

mike stanton

For ronnie
It is possible to spot bullshit even for scientific ignoramuses like myself. But we should not have to. A front page story in the Observer ought to be gold standard journalism. This was Mail on Sunday dross standard, but not so well written.


Admirably concise summary of this.

Thank you.

Peter Harvey

The question that nobody ever seems to ask is why MMR and autism should only be linked in the UK. Paediatricians in other European countries have heard of what is happening in the UK and see no reason at all to reassess their policy of administering the triple vaccination.


"Surprised" ...I doubt you are.



.......ahh shucks you noticed!

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