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23 July 2007



From what I have heard on the Daily Mirror and Yahoo Answers forums, it seems like dear ole Tean McCann are now threatening to sue each and evry person who speaks out against them - the Daily Express being first on their very long list [after this paper's very brave stance against them this Sunday providing news of an potential investigation by the CPS against the McCanns ]. What might these law suits entail one wonders? A declaration that they were not negligent [which is why of course their daughter is still with them.. rollseyes!] and how might they intend to pay for such suits as the £900k they have accumulated so far would certainly not stretch that far and libel suits run into millions!!

I just hope the Americans have the sense to see them for what they are!


I see Jay Leno had a few digs at Mr Mccash last night.

On a slightly different note, I was a little surprised to find that both mom and dad Mccash snuck into England last week to attend a friends childs christening. They were God Parents (probably chosen for the first class job they did as actual parents), and then they snuck quickly out again back to Portugal.

None of the usual fanfare, no long set of press conferences, no photo shoot of mommy looking bored clutching a bear and dad checking his bank balance. Just in and out. Why ever were they afraid of letting people know they were coming?

This is quite a contrast to the well publisised US visit.


So Gerry's now off to the USA, no doubt with his entourage, to understand, according to this ,"the work being carried out to reduce child abductions across the world".
Gerry, one thing that will reduce the likelihood of kids being snatched is simple.

Repeat after me.

"Whilst on holiday don't leave your kids alone, unattended whilst you go out on the booze."

EXACTLY - and I just read this after I posted on your other thread. I'm British but I live in the USA, and I can't believe how Gerry McCann has the nerve to come over here spouting his self-righteous crusade, while not taking any responsibility at all for leaving his children unattended. I don't even like to leave my dogs unattended when I go into a restaurant, I have to park where I can see them.....it seems like the McCanns are in absolute denial of any wrongdoing in their daughters disappearance. He is the last person on earth who should be a spokesperson for "how not to get your child abducted"


This link says it all -


George S.

Could they be persued under 3.1.2 of the fund themselves, as they aided any "abductor" by establishing a patern of child neglect which would make the "abduction" so much easier ?

Well, it seems that if the TEAM McCANN are to be believed, they have spent 67.000 pounds so far, on accomodation, travel and ADMIN costs, as no funds deem to have been allocated to doing any searching at all, how can they justify this sort of expenditure, a stupid question I know, as they will not need to justify anything, but, I thought I'd ask it anyway.

Jo, Buckinghamshire



Ive given this a lot of thought. Is it true that the McCanns tried to give custody of Maddie to a relative before they went on holiday? Were they short of cash? They had to use the Fund to pay for their villa in Portugal and also their mortgage. Did they decide to do a Sharon Matthews? Has it all been a scam for cash? Is this why they show no emotion? Is this why they set up the Fund and are always going on about raising even more cash to help them 'search'? Why are Kate and Gerry now on the board of the Fund? What has the Fund spent nealry 2 million on? Do they know where Maddie is? Yes. Have we all been fooled? Yes.

I think the answer is YES to both questions - we've been had!

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