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24 June 2007



Oh how delicious looking! I love those broad beans, and your strawberries are very early. Gorgeous.


We've already cropped 3 kilos of the strawberries. Even better, the plants were given to us last year by a fellow plotter.
Apart from a barrow or two of muck and a net to keep the birds off nothing has been spent on them!
The beans were planted last November. The seeds came from our "allotment shop". They are much better with the second pod removed.

Last year we dug up a few spuds before the tubers grew too big. Well worth it so we've tried again!
Best wishes


Peter Harvey

Did you know that the original pizza (Margherita) was made with tomato, cheese and oregano to show the colours of the tricolore?



The green is basil not oregano. The "Margherita" was named after the Queen of Savoy.
The Margherita is the Italian centrist party, Democrazia è Libertà, led by Francesco Rutelli.
Any More?
Apart from the fact that it's my favourite pizza!

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