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19 June 2007



Perhaps, Tony, you are being a little unkind. You may be right in thinking what you do about what has happened to Madeleine. The McCanns may well be refusing to face facts; they may indeed be delusional. Their campaign certainly smacks of PR professionalism, though they may just have fallen among such. There may well be all kinds of shenanigans going on with the fund's money but we don't actually know yet. They could of course have ordered things differently around dinner that evening, though those of us who have had young children in such circumstances will probably have done the same on occasion. But until villainy is proved they are just people who are dealing well or badly with a very sad situstion and deserve our sympathy and, if we are so inclined, our prayers. Is it unfair to ask what you would say to them if you met them?


I can't be the only one who is sick of hearing how we have all as parents done the same thing. No, I haven't!
My children were NEVER left alone. My children were NEVER left in an unlocked house by themselves. My children were NEVER neglected. My children were NEVER used as a way of fleecing a kind but stupid public.
Please, talk about yourself all you want, but do NOT try to put me in the same boat.


Of course there are exceptions, Mark, perhaps many, and I just admire your strength of character. I feel a bit guilty about my own occasional neglect of the offspring and was surprised when several quick polls of friends suggested that I was not alone. Perhaps the generalisation was too much, though I did qualify it with a "probably".



I'd probably not get the answers, but here goes.

1 Let me have a look at the Madeleine Fund accounts?
2 Let me see the document containing what passes for a Memo/Articles of Association for the private company registered @ Companies House: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited. Number 06248215?
3 It seems all their kids were produced via IVF. Are the parents the natural parents of Madeleine and the twins?
4 Had they left their children alone on previous occasions at the Mark Warner Resort?
5 Did they leave the patio door to their appartment open on the night Madeleine disappeared?
6 Had they left it open on previous occasions?
7 When do they propose to return to work for the NHS.

As I say, I don't think they'll respond.


Nope.. the total is still showing on their website.. they now have £802,000..!!!!!!
Who are they bringing over next - their personal cook and their Pilates teacher??

Jacqueline Oxford

I was looking on Yahoo Answers this morning and there was a particular thread outlining that there may be a connection between the McCanns and the Freemasons.

See link:

One of the posters has suggested that:
1) Rothley- the home town of the Mc Canns is a stronghold of freemasonry - it is also the most expensive place to live in the East Midlands.

2) There is a connection with the Freemasons,Malta and the Pope

Maybe not so far fetched given theri fixation with money!


There are serious issues with the McCanns-mainly about the money, but I refuse to get involved in the nonsense about Freemasons, the Bilderberg Organisation, the Elders of Zion or.....hang on do you see one of those black helicopters up there?

Peter Harvey

Any connection between Freemasons and the Pope is about as realistic as one between Ian Paisley and His Holiness; they loathe each other heartily. Franco banned Freemasons, counting them as equal to Bolsheviks.


Though I do view the Mccash's motives with some mistrust, I have to say that the whole Freemasons idea is a little silly.
Besides, I've watched the Simpsons so I know it's really the Stonecutters!

George S

On the stonecutters issue, it strikes me that Gerry has not been a particularly staunch Catholic, nor has Kate, not till it suited them, the children were all conceived by IVF, which, I think is frowned on by the Church. Membership of the stonecutters is almost a pre requisite in many of the professions, it would certainly have helped him get along.
NOW on his Blog it appears Milliband has telephoned him to assure him of the Governments full support, nice to know that with bleeding bombs going off all over, and floods in many area's a new Minister in the Government knows exactly where his priorities should be...

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