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05 June 2007


Peter Harvey

Another point is that till 1997 the Spanish State didn't own the intellectual property rights over its national anthem and had to pay royalties every time it was played!

I can't see why it needs words. If the athletes don't like it, that's their problem. Several sets of words have been written to it but are never used. They can be seen on Spanish Wikipedia here: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcha_Real

At the 2003 Davis Cup in Australia they played the Republican himno de Riego when the Spanish players appeared. The Spanish Secretary of State for Sport, who was there, ordered the players to return to their dressing rooms and an official complaint was made. The reason for the 'mistake' was never satisfactorily cleared up.

Some corrections to what you have posted. It was not the monarchists that were victorious in 1939. It is true that many monarchists supported Franco because they didn't like the 'Reds', but they only reluctantly formed part of his Movement because they wanted a restoration of the monarchy and he kept stringing them along and eventually setting himself up as the Head of State. It is perfectly possible in Spain to be a monarchist and loathe Franco.

The himno de Riego was the official anthem of the Second Republic from its beginning in 1931, not only during the war.

Also, it is not true that 'the royal family issued a decree regulating the official use of the Marcha Real'. A Royal Decree in Spain is issued by the Government. It is signed by the King but like a Ministerial Order, I suppose. It has the force of law but does not have to go through Parliament. There are many such decrees covering all aspects of legislation and administration. Personal data protection, for example, is regulated by a Royal Decree.

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