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31 May 2007



The fund is at £375k.... and the rest. I can't believe that's all its raised so far. Anyway, won't go very far once the International Family Law Group (what the feck is that?) and the auditors have been paid. You can bet your life that every member of Team McCann that flies out to visit Gerry & Kate will get their air fare paid and their accommdation. Then there's the publicity wallahs and their poster and video work. Hang on a mo... there's a whole industry here! The journos get to stay in Portugal a wee while longer too and the whole thing turns into a circus moving from town to town on a pan-European bandwaggon. Something doesn't add up about the whole sorry saga. The McCann's either know someone very powerful or have some dirt on that someone. I am offended that a high-ranking civil servant has been loaned to the McCann's in an exercise of guilt pruging and grandstanding. What is going on?


I'm pleased to see I'm not the only one suspicious of "Team McCann"- I love that expression. And as for the IFG Law Group.
Try this: http://tinyurl.com/25wa5c
Tony H.


Now we are going to be having an International Madeleine Day.. and what pray happened to the International Ben Needham Day and the International Sarah Payne Day..etc, etc, etc
God those people are acting in such bad taste... they get rewarded for their negligence.. go figure!


Could you please sign this petition asking Leicestershire Social Services to investigate the conduct of the McCanns:


They have stopped posting the latest value of the fund, I thought they might do that when it got close to a million, anyone know how to find out the current value??

Also, aren't the Portuguese Gov't. picking up the family travel costs, and Mark Warner offering free accomodation to the TEAM members??

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