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23 May 2007



Good old Charities Commission. People in the public sector and the ilk of these trough-makers moan like drains about them. Thankfully they won't be able to send door knockers around with envelopes, or to rattle tins at us at the door of our local supermarket. Would the only reason they were after this charitable status be anything to do with avoiding um, tax on this income? So many questions...

If this Co Ltd by Guarantee makes a profit, there's corporation tax, isn't there? So spending it on travel pdq would be about the only option they've got, after the fees they'll presumably be paying out to administer this almighty swindle oops, sympathy slipped there for a moment. Oh, is there income tax applicable on free dosh being handed out for travelling? I simply don't know.

As a Co Ltd by Guarantee, all the Directors have liability limited to £1 (usually) if things go pear-shaped, but since they're not actually trading as such, is there even the remotest likelyhood of that?


How about Madeliene dolls?


Great, mail them, maybe they've got an ideas fund!

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