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11 November 2006



I'm very glad he finds Christianity is being "eroded from public life". Unfortunately, I don't think it's being "eroded" fast enough.

It's typical Christian arrogance to think that only Christians have ownership of the winter festivity which, after all, contains the New Year as well as "Christmas". I've already expressed my views on this here, for what it's worth.



Archbishop Sentamu, as he then wasn't, was one of the three 'advisers' to the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry (http://tinyurl.com/awold) back in February 1999 with its intellectually vacuous invention of "institutional racism" (under which an institution of which neither its constitution nor its rules nor its behaviour need to be racist and whose staff and members may not be racist either, can nevertheless be labelled "institutionally racist" because a member of the anti-racism thought police disapproves of it). It was this inquiry too which foisted on our legal system the mind-boggling concept of a 'racist incident', requiring all kinds of form-filling and special recording and hyper-sensitive investigation, all based on a truly wonderful definition:

" A racist incident is any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person." [My emphasis, if any]

That is utterly and manifestly loopy. It passes comprehension that it could ever have been adopted and incorporated in our laws and police procedures: indeed, that it could ever have been taken seriously at all. (Incidentally, why should an 'incident' necessarily have a 'victim'?) This is the measure of the McCarthyite fever over racism that has gripped us in recent years, and which I am afraid is now so deeply embedded in our national mythology that nothing short of global warming on a cataclysmic scale will dig it out and throw it away.

The Archbishop's recent pronouncements on current political issues are reported by today's Guardian to be causing 'consternation' in Lambeth Palace, seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Archbishop has seen fit to issue a denial of reports that he harbours the ambition of replacing Dr Rowan Williams shortly.


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