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03 November 2006



After all Blair did offer the Vardy schools, that teach this sort of dangerous nonsense, his seal of approval back in 2002.

No he didn't, or not in the terms in which it's been reported. Here's an excerpt from Hansard:

Dr. Jenny Tonge (Richmond Park): Is the Prime Minister happy—[Hon. Members: "Yes."] Is the Prime Minister happy to allow the teaching of creationism alongside Darwin's theory of evolution in state schools?

The Prime Minister: First, I am very happy. Secondly, I know that the hon. Lady is referring to a school in the north-east, and I think that certain reports about what it has been teaching are somewhat exaggerated. It would be very unfortunate if concerns about that issue were seen to remove the very strong incentive to ensure that we get as diverse a school system as we properly can. In the end, a more diverse school system will deliver better results for our children. If she looks at the school's results, I think she will find that they are very good.

"No look, you see, she said is the Prime Minister happy first, and then she said is the Prime Minister happy to allow dadah dadah dadah, so really that's two questions, so I said firstly, yes I am happy, do you see?" It's childish debating-club stuff, but that's how these people work.

Marc Draco

Yeah. That's T.B. in a nutshell. I've been campaigning against Vardy (and the Academies) since I met McQuoid and found him to be one of the most sinister people I have ever happened across.

Interestingly, when I met Ashok Kumar MP yesterday, he made similar remarks regarding the Alan Johnson climbdown. Johnson was hijacked by the Roman Catholics using spin to scare the crap out of them and No.10 did NOTHING. Not surprising, but it stinks bad.

Anyway, check out my website and the links from it and you'll see that this isn't even close to over yet.

David J F Pollock

It is foolish to attribute words to the ineffable McQuoid that he never wrote, even if you give the source so that the incredulous can check out that "So our dear leader seems to be quite happy that young-earth creationism- the earth is less than 6000 years." is an invention. It may be a joke that misfired but why spoil a strong case by misrepresentation?

However, it is right that Blair has endorsed Emmanuel Foundation schools: he went out of his way to perform the official opening of the second one, in Middlesbrough. See

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