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10 October 2006


Brian B.

No, Tony, I'm not bamboozled. And what you quote in your post as my description "in glowing terms" of "Davis' [sic] speech" is no such thing, as you'll see if you read it more carefully. I was expressly referring only to one passage in Davis's [sic] speech, which I continue to assert fully deserves my description of it.

But it's unfair to drag me into self-defence when I'm laid up, almost wholly unable to use a computer and about to undergo an unpleasant operation on my grossly distended knee tomorrow morning! (See http://www.barder.com/ephems/581.)

Ta-ra -- and please don't expect any further comments, posts or messages for a few days or more....

Another copy of this is on http://www.barder.com/ephems/ in reply to your trackback.


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