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17 September 2006



Thanks for that admirable reminder of the legal realities, a magisterial demolition of "Dr" Reid's latest populist and illiberal assault on judicial principles and civil rights.

Your reference to Reid's (and Blair's) passion for 'rebalancing' the system in favour of the power of the state and against our ancient rights and liberties prompts me to mention the interesting (and I think encouraging) references to 'rebalancing' in Peter Hain's article in last Sunday's Observer, where he seems to me to be calling, as clearly as he can without downright disloyalty to his Cabinet colleagues, for 'rebalancing' in the direction of reasserting liberty against state power, IOW reversing the direction adopted by Blair, Reid, etc. I have put an analysis of and welcome for the article in a recent post on my own blog, including relevant links. However, for an alternative and much less favourable reading of Hain's position, based on an interview with him in the Telegraph, please see Tim Worstall's post at http://tinyurl.com/m3uu2, including my comment on it there.


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