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20 August 2006



TH: "Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendant Ali Dizaei, [...] crime of "travelling whilst Asian" many commentators scoffed."

It is a racially loaded comment itself, which deserved to be scoffed at.

The Mets. top dick knows, and if he doesn't he ought to know; that Hindus, Sikhs, most Asian Christians, 99.99% of Budists, the Dali Lama nor his followers, none of them are currently in the frame, for the London Tube bombings, the Madrid rail bombings nor the Indonesian nightclub bombings. Nor have any of the above yet been implicated in the savage murder of, for example, Theo Van Gogh or Daniel Pearl to name but two.

If the Government and their pups in the BBC were performing their correct role of educating and informing the public rather than sowing FUD. The general public might be in a better position to determing if an Asian man was likely to pose a threat to the safety of him/herself and his/her family.

Since the BBC bends over backwards to smear all Asians, rather than puting the blame where it lies, it is little wonder the general public are confused.

Add to the mix, it takes no encouragement for the harpies to start screaming "Racist! racist!", "Bush-devil", "Blair-devil", "Iraq", "root cause", bla bla bla. It is no wonder the general public are confused, ignorant and frightened.

TH: "..contrast the sensible approach of our German friends..."

Can you explain why the Germans are suddenly experiencing this type of terrorist incident? They are not in Iraq, were implacably against the invasion or Iraq. They may be 'good' at dealing with it, but why are they experiencing it at all?

It's all in the 'root causes', old chum.


Pure as the driven snow and victims of racism. Poor fellows.


If I was going to Oh, lets say Sicily. I would definately make it a day trip. I suppose these guys
could have gone down for some flamenco, it was obviously a cultural visit.

"Industry sources revealed they booked their flights after the recent security scare began on 10 August, paying £166 each for the day-trip to Malaga. Although they have claimed that the purpose of the visit was to carry out research for a holiday in September, the pair decided to take an evening flight to the resort. It touched down at 7.25pm, leaving them just a few hours in Malaga before they had to check in for the 3am return journey."

Tony Hatfield

You are so gullible. Now who do you think were the "industry sources"? My guess is someone from Monarch's press office. And surprise surprise it's Monarch's employees who were so spineless when the other rascist passengers wanted these two ejected.
If you're right, then Monarch flights from Malaga to Manchester are stuffed to the gunwhales with rascist passengers. Is that really your point?


TH: "You are so gullible. Now who do you think were the "industry sources"?"

I am happy being gullible, but then I am not running around looking for racists under every stone. When are you planning to run the story linking the international racist conspiracy with mossad (cos' we all know the root cause is international zionism), and Monarch airlines. It's all organized from their press office.

Monarch are a commercial operation, grabbing a wild guess from thin air lets say 6% of their passengers are of Asian extraction and 80% of those are Sikhs Buddists and scientologists. That means from a commercial perspective, it is sensible not to offload a flight load of paying passengers - leading to massive (European Union inspired) compensation claims, when they can just offload two likely trouble makers. Not racism, sound economic common sense.

Airlines offload all sorts of folk day in day out, not too many of them have full scale news stories run on the BBC, SKY and all the newspapers. Wonder which press office tipped them off? MCB or Jamaat-i-Islami, perhaps?

Now it looks like the British police are off on one of their ritual racist extravaganzas again, this time in Tunbridge wells - no suprise there of course, but they are picking on those poor hapless fellows again tch, tch, the sooner Police Chief Superintendant Ali Dizaei has these men suspended the better for us all, clearly somebody in the british police are, ah, gullible. Perhaps gullibly racist?

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