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17 January 2006


Ronnie Smartt

Sorry, but certainly not Asbo's. I favour ASBOs.

Ronnie Smartt

Sorry, but certainly not Asbo's. I favour ASBOs.

Tony Hatfield

Anne and I had a debate about whether this was not one of those rare occasions when the grocers' apostrophe is acceptable. She was for leaving it out. I had the keyboard!
I suppose you've got to mind your ps and qs!



It's not an example of a greengrocer's (sic) apostrophe; that is an apostrophe used in the plural of a normal noun: tomato's, cauliflower's, peache's, and so on. In the case of an acronym there is reasonable scope for doubt and Fowler accepts that apostrophes were used in such cases.

On the other hand, it's best to mind your p's and q's to show that they are separate letters!

david puttick

i hear the home was available for sale in liphook,hampshire
i find it amusing that in liphook we were subjected to some crazy ASBO material,which terminated with me recording the derring dos,that had been occuring regular for six years...no council,or police wanted to listen,so i put some of the recordings to music,and posted the work here.
more details are also poste here
we managed to escape,only to find the woman involved,was granted a job with the council with community in the title..oh ho ho

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