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18 December 2005


Peter Harvey


The point is that at one time the BBC could both broadcast good music and be a byword (literally) for good English.

I don't know about the BBC, but Catalan and Spanish radio have serious classical music. Every night Spanish radio has an hour of chromatic music and there is also no shortage of flamenco, which is meaningless to the uninitiated and fascinating to the aficionados (I don't understand it).

Peter (Lavengro)

Tony Hatfield

I agree, and of course it's no excuse, but the Beeb's output has increased by a factor of n since the website was created. Your criticism seems to be limited to that part of the output!

Peter Harvey

The BBC’s web site says in various places (news and travel) that Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia is a cathedral. It is not, and by doing this the Beeb is adding to the mystification of the considerable number of tourists here who ask for directions to the cathedral and later find themselves standing right outside – the cathedral!



Tony, I agree entirely about the fantastic feast of Bach being provided by the BBC: what unalloyed pleasure, and all for a small fraction of the anyway modest licence fee!

Radio 3 has its down-market aberrations these days, but overall it's utterly indispensable for serious music. It far surpasses even New York's WQXR, itself pretty good (owned by the NY Times, of course).

And next year we can look forward to a feast of Mozart!


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