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23 September 2005


Brian Barder

I have offered a comment (I won't claim that it's a reply) on this on my own blog. But these are highly subjective matters. I continue to think that a limited and monitored extension of the period allowed for detention during investigation with a view to a charge and trial in court is vastly preferable to control orders, which are indefinite, not subject to proper monitoring or an adequate appeal process, and never come before an ordinary court, although the penalty imposed will generally be only marginally less damaging to the individual concerned than detention in a prison or remand centre. Hence my suggestion that parliament should agree to the extended investigative detention period only in exchange for a repeal of the control orders. I believe this would be a good bargain, although I have no very high hopes that the government would agree to it. No doubt we shall end up with both. Half a loaf would be better than no bread, surely?


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