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04 April 2005


Chris Deacon

I'm approaching 60 : I'll admit to having been a 'rebel' most of my life.. I still am, BUT this never prevented my respect for the law - However, that respect has now diminished.

I've been taken to court many times for owing council tax/rent + been threatened with eviction, accompanied by dozens of threatening/ harassing letters + bailiffs involved.

I've counter-claimed re: repairs not done for years, etc.. but the judge always ignores FACTS I present & comes down on the council's side.

Over the last couple of years, I've had continuous problems with anti-social parking (preventing me from getting in/out of my own gate on my pushbike).

I've had words with the parkers, some of which have been distorted & reported to W'ton Council -who then threatened ME with an ASBO - based on slanderous hearsay.

The tenant whose slanderous hearsay formed the basis for the council threatening me with the first ASBO had actually ADMITTED spreading cat shit on my path/doormat to the housing manager -but nothing was done to him.. (perhaps 'cause he's apparently an ex-councillor!)

I've got nowhere with the council, highways dept or police : who've all backed up the parkers' triple parking/pavement parking/parking alongside a continuous dropped kerb/preventing peoples' access to their premises, etc..etc.. This includes council vehicle drivers.

The pavement is also almost HALF as wide as the LAW states it should be!- a fact completely ignored by authority.

Yesterday, the housing Manager phoned me saying a tenant whom he 'could not name' for fear of 'recriminations against them!'.. had reported me as being 'abusive' to a person she knows (over parking). The manager would not tell me what the person had actually accused me of.

This came as a complete surprise as for several weeks now I'd given up trying to politely request bad parkers to allow me enough room to ride my pushbike, & said nothing to anyone - leaving matters in the local MP's hands : which appears to also be going nowhere.

When I told the Housing manager his actions amount to harassing me, he denied he's now threatened me with 2 x ASBO's ..

On tv, it was recently stated that Wolverhampton is becoming a 'Metropolis':-

the injustices I've suffered at the hands of the council, from the word go, back up the fact they've been a metropolis for decades!

Metropolis = Dystopia - a highly mechanised society in which individual rights are suppressed by a ruling elite.

My point being : This whole british society is 1 big Metropolis!

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