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21 September 2007



It is difficult without having seen the scene to know what to think. My mother would have said to me when I was a child as
I should have said to my own children, "Mind where you are going". A rogue petal, though bad luck, would not necessarily have excused carelessness, even stupidity. Unless of course the injury was outside life's usual ups and downs. I have myself these last few weeks been hirpling around on two sticks having launched myself on a flight of steps far too lightheartedly for my age. Do you think the Chancellor might be about to announce a retrospective Scheme?

Term Paper

It was probably ‘a yellow flower or flowers’ and that there was also water on the floor.Thousands of rail passengers passed close by every day. The station security guard had described the petals as ‘killers’. That mean Its petals is very danger Killer.

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