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29 May 2007



Why is the FCO wading in to this extent? Brian, can you shed any light?


Do they give any contact details for the FCO please? (I have some thoughts I would like to share with them!)


Good grief. One for our MPs? I wonder if any of them will be interested. We could do with a constituency (or three) where there has been a child disappearance. Must be quite a few of those.


Far too many people with moral highground regarding this case, of course you are all perfect and are on this planet not to learn but to look down on others - and judging every little bit of this familys daily life. Does anyone actually care anymore about the actual issue.. a missing 4 year old child.
If this... maybe that.. none of you know actual facts..


"Does anyone actually care anymore about the actual issue.. a missing 4 year old child"

Well, her parents don't.


Oh by the way, yes, I AM perfect


Tonight I will come back and read more. Nice site.


Obviously in this country it's who you know and which social class you belong to that counts. Presumably this sets a presidence and all families of missing children will be getting this level of support in the future. I have no objections to taxpayers money being used to find any missing child but I think this little child's plight has been lost along the way. What a terrible hand this little girl has been dealt in life, on the surface she would appear to have had a great start in life. Professional parents, big house, foriegh holidays. We now know she was a child that was being left to fend for herself on a regular basis. She and her siblings welfare and needs appear to have been secondary to her parents wants and needs. It seems her parents were part-time and were not ready to commit themselves to providing the time, care and security that small children need and are entitled to. Now she is lost and may have had to endure terrible things. We can only pray she will be found safe and have another chance to experience the secure life that every child has a right to expect.

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